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Group Stracture

The Limassol Licenced Porters Association consists of 68 registered porters, equal in status and number of shares. It possesses three instruments for exercising policy and organizing business: the General Assembly, the 5-member Administrating Committee and the Coordinators.

The supreme body of the Limassol Licenced Porters Association is the General Assembly, during which all significant strategic issues pertaining to the development of the association are drawn up and decided upon. The 5-member Administrating Committee and the Coordinators are elected by vote from the General Assembly.

The 5-member administrative council consists of the president and four members and its main responsibility is the implementation of the General Assembly's decisions. It is also responsible for conducting negotiations with other competent bodies and the preparation of suggestions to the General Assembly relating to the harmonious operation, the working out of strategies and the development of the Association.

The organization, the monitoring of operations and the apportionment of the personnel (members and staff of the Association) as well as of the technical equipment for the various operations, is carried out on a daily basis from a 4-member coordinating body. This body consists of the Chief Coordinator and two assistant coordinators as well as from the coordinator of the Containers Termninal.

The Limassol Licenced Porters Association are flanked by the scientific support of jurists, economic advisors as well as computerization consultants and mechanical organization.

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